Hide and Seek

Today at 2nd and 3rd grade recess, a student comes up and says, “let’s play hide and seek!”

At recess, I’m supposed to be supervising students making sure everyone is being safe and respectful. I wasn’t sure if I could simultaneously play a game of hide and seek and fulfill my duty as a responsible adult at recess.

With that being said I responded to the student with, “OKAY, what number do I count to?!” Luckily it was only 10. So I counted.


With the speed I was counting at, I knew she wouldn’t be able to get very far.


I opened my eyes and carefully scanned the playground for the little second grader in a black dress and hot pink hijab. Then I stopped and realized wait, I’m playing a game of hide and seek with just one other person. Then I stopped again and realized I was on an important mission: seeking.

It took about 7 seconds after opening my eyes when I spotted her head pop out from the side of the bushes. She immediately retreated back to hiding and I slowly made my way to her secret spot.


She let out a little scream and then laughed because of how excited I was about finding her. I might have let out a “muahaha!!”

She was a good sport and began counting to 10.

I knew I didn’t have much time to hide, so I did my best with the limited hiding spots. I did what any other adult would have done in this situation.

I hid behind a narrow tether ball pole.

I watched her open her eyes and scan the playground just how I did and her eyes went right past me!

I thought I would be found on the spot, but that wasn’t the case. I was laughing as each second passed because where I was hiding seemed so ridiculous to me.

Finally, she spotted me and sprinted my way! I couldn’t retreat to my hiding spot the way she did because I was so much wider than this pole, so I jumped out and we were both laughing at how silly my hiding spot was.

Sometimes you seek out the joy.

Other times the joy seeks you out.


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