Kids Just Wanna Have Fun


This morning, Seattle saw a good amount of rain. I was predicting that the rain would cause us to have recess in our classes, but by the time 10:30am rolled around the rain had stopped. With this, the students were scheduled to be outside for recess as usual. Today’s recess was just slightly different than normal in that there was a GIANT puddle of water – “the pool” is what the students called it.


Unsurprisingly, the students didn’t hesitate and ran through the pool as fast as they could, as if their lives depended on it. There were about seven students in it at once with the water up to their shins and it took me a good minute to realize that maybe the students shouldn’t be in this pool of water…


I was just so entertained by the joy that the students were experiencing with the giant splashes of water going everywhere and the thought of how the students were going to deal with their wet feet, socks, shoes, and pants afterward. I knew I should’ve told the students to stay out of the water right away, but I could just see how much fun they were having and I didn’t want to ruin that!


Anyway, a student fell into the water (but safely caught himself!) and that is when I said, “ALRIGHT. TIME TO GET OUT OF THE WATER, KIDDOS!”


It’s all fun and games until someone kind of gets hurt?


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