PITW #49


Last Friday, we ended the school week with a PTA event, Fall Fest!

It was an event that I honestly wasn’t 100% looking forward to. A dark Friday night, right after service for 2 and a half hours? All I was looking forward to was my bed. I also wasn’t sure what my role looked like for support in the event, so the mystery behind that contributed to my reluctance.

Although only 4-5 corps members were needed for the event, I annoyed a few other teammates to stay as well because misery loves company, right?

Long story, short – It was a splendid night! I ended up leading an activity called Pumpkin Hunting. Pretty much ya get a tiny, edible pumpkin, hide it under a ton of whipped topping, and have student find it using only their mouths.

I was forgetting how great it is to see students outside of school hours. I feel like everyone is so much more relaxed and open! Leading the activity gave me so much joy! There were students who came back multiple times to either smash their faces in the whipped topping or to eat more of the whipped topping. It was fun for the students, but I joined in twice and made it even more fun. Because who doesn’t like when an adult has their face covered in whipped topping?

This was a huge reminder for me to always have fun to build community and relationships.

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A little bit of fun builds community and makes the group more productive over the long run. When your plans are almost done, go back over them and do a “fun” check – especially for retreats and long meetings. If there is no fun time there, go back and put some in.


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