Gettin’ Crafty!

The principal is very fond of the fact that I enjoy making visuals and so when she asked if I could work on the huge bulletin board in the main hallway, of course I said yes.

“I was thinking something like The Starry Night, but it doesn’t have to look exactly like it of course. Are you sure it’s not asking too much?”

“Oh no, I’d love to do it,” I answered as I realized that I’ve never created anything remotely close to Vincent Van Gogh before. The challenge was super exciting to me and so I got started on it the very next morning at 8:30am and was finished with the background around 11:30am. I had lunch and then stuck the title on with some help from a fellow corps member since 5 ft. Nhoell is only vertically capable of so much.

As I was working on this, there was not a single passing person that didn’t have anything to say about it. It was surprising in the most wonderful way. Staff members asked if I did art like this outside of work and were surprised when I said no. They told me that my art makes the students happy and that it makes a huge difference for the feel of the school. It was nice to have the staff pass by several times throughout the process and each time giving a genuine expression of impression.

It was great receiving such positive feedback from others and at the same time, I was really impressed by myself. As someone who doesn’t practice this sort of art during my free time, as it was coming together, I was honestly surprised by the result. I enjoy creating visuals for others for the look and feel of a space and so when it comes to taking the time to create these visuals, I don’t find it to be tedious and draining. If anything, it’s fulfilling and joyful!

The bulletin board is going to bordered by stars that showcase what hopes and dreams parents have for their children and also the hopes and dreams that students have for themselves!


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