Lately, I’ve been thinking…

What does it mean to be a good leader?

Looking at the value of Level Five Leadership in the Idealist Handbook,

Level Five Leaders practice great humility: they are modest, they learn from and listen to others, they give credit to others for success and take personal responsibility when things do not go as planned.

At the same time, they operate with intense professional will: they take bold action, set ambitious goals, make courageous decisions, and persevere through the long, challenging process of achieving great things. Humility, will, boldness, courage, perseverance: these are the qualities of Level Five Leadership.

Thinking about what it means to be a good leader is important to me because as a Team Leader, I want to make sure that I am coaching my team in the most efficient and genuine way. As I reflect on my leadership, I can say that I’ve been learning from and listening to to others. With this, I’ve adapted several things to fit my team and how they function. I appreciate them and praise them for the many successes they experience. One area where I feel I can grow is the boldness and courage. How can I use what I’ve learned to have the courage to be bold and become a better Team Leader? If I ultimately want to coach my team with good intentions then why should I fear being bold and courageous in my decision-making and mentoring? In the end, it is the humility, will, boldness, courage, and perseverance that will nurture the growth within my team and also within myself.


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