Changing the world, one pun at a time.

Recess is a time where I can be as silly as possible with students. The added physical activity is a bonus too. One of my team members joked that by the end of the year, I would become “a jock” because I’ve been getting into any game I can with students. Soccer, four-square, football, tag, jump rope…you name it!

Today, I decided to approach the cool guys of 3rd grade and one 2nd grader in their 2 on 2 game of basketball. I confidently announced, “Alright! Ms. Cara and I are in!” I can do that on rare occasions when I’m taller than the students. We shocked them at first because we interrupted their game, but I think they were more excited to defeat us. So they thought. Unsurprisingly, they put the 2nd grade boy with the two City Years.

If I’m playing any game with the “cool kids,” I make sure to act as crazy and goofy as possible. That’s just what I did, incorporating some exaggerated movements in my defense and offense. There was also some dabbing. “COME ON, LEBRON! WHATCHA GOT?!” was repeatedly asked as I was embarrassingly defending one student that insisted “Lebron” over his real name. It really was all fun and games as it was a close competition!

Recently, I’ve also gotten into embodying the role of a commentator, even when I’m playing in the game. Willie, one of boys on the opposing team, had possession of the ball and as he was about to shoot, I asked, “Will he make it?!” Because my brain functions through puns and play on words most times, I then shouted, “WILLIE, MAKE IT!” Instantly, a burst of laughter was released…from just me.

From then on, each time Willie had possession of the ball and went for a shot, you bet I repeated my newfound line of brilliance. One of his teammates, out of nowhere, gleefully said to me, “HA! I get it!” My eyes lit up. “YOU DO?! ISN’T IT FUNNY?!” He laughed and said, “yeah.”

Right then, the bell to end recess rang.

“I don’t get it,” admitted Willie. As I was explaining to Ms. Cara about how proud I was that the 3rd grader got my pun, I glanced over to see him with his arm over Willie’s shoulder as they were walking, explaining the pun to him. “Will he make it? WILL, get it?! Willie. Will he…”

It was one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

Ms. Cara: “Changing the world…”

Me: “One pun at a time.”


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