Back to Where it Began

Last night, I went back to the elementary school I served in last year for their Math Night. Walking through the front doors always takes me back to when I would get off the bus and relax on the chair in the lobby for a few minutes before our 7:30am circle. This time, I was greeted by their current City Year team. I walked happily down the stairs to the cafeteria and immediately saw a student from last year who told his City Year to tell me to come to Math Night so he could see me. He was being lectured by his mom and a teacher as I walked up toward them and that was humorous to me. I quickly decided to not interrupt their conversation and then heard a chiming of “MS. NHOELL!!!” Three of my students from last year ran up for hugs. It was so nice seeing familiar faces and getting free pizza 🙂 I was so busy looking for students and being approached by students and staff. It was so crazy to think that this was the community I was a part of before the one that I’m currently in. My cup was being filled with so much joy! Before I knew it, I was reminded that I was a volunteer and that I had to go to my station for the night.

Math is definitely not my biggest strength, but luckily I knew how to measure the diameter of a cookie! Students had to pick a cookie and measure its diameter with a mini ruler. Once they had their measurement, I’d give them a sticker and say, “You measured the diameter of your Oreo! NOW you can eat it!”

It was great seeing so many students and their families excited about math together. So many students swarmed my table. You could say it was because I had free cookies, but I’d like to think it was because good ol’ Ms. Nhoell was back.


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